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Can You Reverse Grey Hair To Black? YES!

Hello people! Currently, it is at a certain point in my life where I start to notice more and more grey strands and some silver ones. Although I don’t like this at all, it is quite amazing (and troubling at the same time) to see the grey strands. It’s like a milestone to tell you that you have conquered this much of life and this is your reward. Life can give sadistic gifts sometimes. Haha.

I started thinking, why do some people have such beautiful black hair without any greys while some others have a whole head of greys or whites. Since it can be turned into grey, can it be turned back? Reverse this entire process?

There is a very good solution that has proven time and time again to work every single time, that is… a good and reputable black hair dye from Watson. Hahaha. I’m just kidding! Don’t close this!

Let me introduce you to Melanin, this is the pigment-producing cell that is in the hair follicle. Basically, how many of such cells you have will decide how dark your hair is going to be. That means, if you want a full head of black hair, you have to have a lot of melanin.

Everybody will have different amounts of melanin and this is decided in your genes. In the DNA, somewhere among the code, it is decided that you have this much melanin. For others, some will have more and some will have less. In the worst-case scenario, some have little to none.

It also decided when you will be losing your melanin, this is also coded in the DNA. Wait, if everything is already coded in the DNA, won’t it mean we won’t be able to do anything except to watch it turn grey with tears in our eyes and some dramatic background music? Hmm, yes and no.

If you have not been focusing on your diet and it resulted in nutrient deficiencies, usually on Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Antioxidants, this will cause the body to produce less melanin.

This is pretty self-explanatory but look at it like a plant and soil, you can’t expect the plant to grow well without carbon dioxide, water, and soil. The same goes for our hair too. It will need nutrients to grow properly and produce a healthy amount of melanin to keep our hair black.

If it is coded in your DNA that you will only lose your melanin at age 50, without consuming a reasonable amount of nutrients daily, you can lose it at age 20.

What exactly is the conclusion then? Can it be reversed or not?

In our normal aging cycle, on average, we might start to see the greys as early as age 10 to 15 during puberty. You might see one or two, this is normal. But as you grow older, the greys will increase with time too, it might be 10 to 20 strands of greys by age 25. However, if you start to see an unreasonable amount of greys at a young age, that will have 2 possibilities.

Either there is an issue with the diet or this is in the DNA. It can be reversed if there are nutrient deficiencies. If it’s lacking, for example, vitamin A, just eat more vitamin A food and the hair can work well again, and given some time, the hair will slowly produce more melanin.

Some research suggests that antioxidants show the highest potential for increasing melanin production. Some examples of such food are berries, the highest antioxidants found in blackberries and the second-highest - blueberries, and also nuts, dark chocolate, and dark leafy greens (broccoli, kale, lettuce, etc).

If you’re unsure whether there is a lack of nutrients or DNA, just consume the food above regularly. It also helps the hair to be stronger and healthier with all the good nutrients. It will take a few months but if it helps, it’s good. If it doesn’t, you’re on a normal life process that comes with all these changes. Still, embrace life, life can still be happy and good. May all of us have beautiful and nice hair regardless of the color.

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