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How To Do a Salon Treatment Without Paying High Salon Prices

Hello there! CNY is over and there should be quite a number of you who had your hair done before the new year. But what’s next? The hair is dry, and maybe a little lifeless after bleaching or coloring, and... what’s the solution for this? This is an article that will tell you how to do a salon-grade treatment without paying for the high salon prices.

This article will take a while to go over but if you read it to the end, I’m 100% sure you will get a lot of value from this. This is a summary of what you will get from this article -

  • You will understand the difference between treatments of different functions, allowing you to save & spend money on the right thing

  • You will also learn about what the hair really needs to repair itself, allowing you to make a better decision towards your haircare routine

  • You will be introduced to a straightforward no-gimmicks salon-grade product, saving a lot of your time to find a genuinely good & useful hair product

  • You will also learn the simple instructions on using it as a salon treatment at home, getting the salon effect without paying for the high salon prices

  • And lastly, to provide even more benefit, delivery is free, and there is a free hair repair ampoule to further boost the hair repair effect, all for free

Continue reading, it will be worth it! :)

Most people will go back to their regular salon to do a treatment but depending on the budget, it might not be the treatment that is meant for hair repair. Let me bust some myths in this article. Here’s the first one. A moisturizing treatment will not give life back to the hair if it has been damaged deep within.

It does help in the short term, to hydrate the hair, make it seem “less damaged” on the surface but for the inside, it requires repair too. When the hair is exposed to chemicals, the bonds inside get all damaged and broken, which results in breakage and lifeless hair.

There has to be something to reconnect all the broken bonds inside. It’s like pouring water on the fish jumping on the floor. It helps, at least a little, but not the best solution, right? It doesn’t resolve the root issues.

You might have read some of my articles before on FB on other pages, yes, I’m terribly candid and honest with my advice because I love my hair and I’m sure you love yours too. Treat others the way you want others to treat you. Hence, the brutal honesty.

A lot of treatments in the market have cosmetic effects. What do I mean by that? It’s like cosmetics, it looks nice temporarily, maybe lasting a few washes. The name looks nice and promising. But that’s mostly marketing.

Take shampoo for example. Go to NTUC and you see shelves of different shampoos with different brands and ingredients. Let’s take a step back, what is the main function of shampoo? It is just to clean your scalp. That’s all. Does it matter if it has flower petals inside? Or is your hair cleaner if the shampoo has rose as one of the ingredients? Do the petals or rose smell make your hair cleaner? Haha. Again, that’s mostly marketing.

Marketing plays on your emotion and make you think something is better than it is. For example, this shampoo has rose petals so you might think that it MUST be better than the rest. You’re paying extra for something that does nothing beneficial for your hair, worse, might even cause an allergic effect.

I like sharing about such things because it’s always interesting to see the reactions of people knowing the real thing. Maybe next time I’ll put the title of Part-time Myth Buster on my name card. Haha.

Enough of the myth-busting. Here is what you came here for -

Oh and before that, I just want to let you know that this page only has one core purpose - to be Genuine. And that is to spread genuine information and to sell genuine products. I don’t just find some random things and sell them, I want to change things and I want to improve your life too.

Just like Apple, you don’t need to sell a whole bunch of mediocre products, you just need one product that is really really good.

Remember I said above that I will be introducing a salon-grade product that is both a conditioner and a hair mask? This is it!

Formally introducing the first of our 2 main stars, a Japanese product, Keramimic 2.0, a big 500ml bottle that is both a conditioner and a hair mask.

I mentioned the 500ml because I want you to know that this is something that you can use for a long time.

Disclosure: Over at our hair salon (Color Lush Studio), we’re using this product over there for our signature ultra softening treatment at $98. This is one of the main important products out of the few. One minor achievement is that hundreds of bottles have been sold so far, the support is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

At $58, inclusive of free doorstep delivery and repair ampoule (below), the Japanese salon-grade product contains the 2 most important ingredients that healthy hair needs the most. The 2 ingredients are:


A type of protein that exists naturally in the hair that helps the hair to stay elastic and youthful.

It makes up about 90% of the hair structure and it is an essential protein that protects the hair from damage. One relatable example, 60% of our body is water and water is important to our health. We need water to survive. And keratin makes up 90% of the hair. Now, do you see how important keratin is to our hair?


A type of structural protein that the body needs to naturally produce keratin.

The amino acids in collagen act as building blocks for thicker, healthier, and smoother hair. Like what it does to our face (smooth and youthful), it does the same to the hair too, making it more elastic, strong, and nice to touch.

There are no fanciful ingredients in this except what your hair needs the most. As I have talked about it above, actually what your hair needs is simple. In this product, there is no green tea, no grapefruit, no lavender, no special tea from the high mountains, and most importantly, no flower petals, as your hair has no need for all of those. Haha.

Your hair needs only what it is made up of, simple as that. I believe products should be made simple. Let’s not confuse people with fanciful ingredients and make things sound better than what it originally is.


In short, this is a salon-grade product that we use extensively over at our salon as one of the products for our signature treatment. Using it on its own, it provides collagen and keratin to the hair, which helps to reverse the hair back to its original condition.

In other words, when the hair is damaged, it loses keratin and collagen and this product helps to replenish both of them back to the hair, repairing the hair in the process. The thick and collagen-rich cream moisturizes the hair intensively, enabling your fingers to run through the hair smoothly.

With hundreds of bottles sold at our salon, this result-based product wins praises from our customers, our stylist, and even myself. I’m a no-tricks person as I always go for function rather than being fancy (flower petals that are nothing beneficial).


This is the second star, the bonus, a free item that will be given to you along with the Keramimic 2.0

Reparative SOS Emergency Oil for Damaged Hair

Salon-Grade Ampoule specially created for damaged hair

From Alfaparf Milano, an Italian multinational cosmetic giant in hair products

Professional reconstructing treatment for damaged hair: with anti-breakage action, restores new strength to your hair. Its active ingredient penetrates into the cortex, replenishes the damaged parts, and promotes the perfect cohesion of the internal structure, repairing the deepest damage.

As it contains bamboo marrow, the high *silica content in bamboo has tremendous beneficial effects on the hair, which includes repairing the hair from within, faster and healthier hair growth.

*Silica is an important trace mineral that provides strength and flexibility to the connective tissues of your body — cartilage, tendons, skin, bone, teeth, hair, and blood vessels. Silica is essential in the formation of collagen, the most abundant protein found in your body.

Through the years, I have experimented with multiple different products and the reason why this was given as a free item is that it works the best among the different products that I tried. Using it together, the Keramimic 2.0 and the Reparative ampoule, considering the cost, this is probably one of the best repair treatments that you can do, at a fraction of the cost of the usual salon prices.

Why is it given for free?

Because, like my important goal for this page, I want everything to be Genuine, including the products we sell. For your hair, I want a real and genuine result that really works.

Same as the Apple example above, you can’t change people’s lives with mediocre products. It has to be something that is really good. Rather than focusing on money, I focus on the results and calculate the effectiveness by how many people I have helped.

How to use it?

Keramimic 2.0

There are 2 uses for this. You can use it as a conditioner or as a repair hair mask. As a conditioner, the effect of it would be more for moisturizing instead. Before I start on the usage of it, let me provide a bit of hair science.

If you are using it in a cold room, the effect will be reduced. This is because when it is cold, your hair cuticle might not be open to allow the product to seep into it. Like you’re pouring hot water into the cup noodle but the lid is closed. Nothing can go in, or out. You can wash your hair with warm water (not too hot, room temperature preferred) to open up the hair cuticle, as the cuticle is open now, apply the mask, and rinse it off with cold water so that it is sealed and the hair gets to keep all the additional moisture. Smoother and silkier hair. :)

Hot water opens the cuticle, cold water closes the cuticle. Most people wash the hair with warm water and it ends there. This is why the hair is getting drier and drier as it is losing moisture every day (due to the opened cuticle). Back to what I was saying -

As a conditioner

After shampooing, get about 2 to 3 pumps (more for longer hair) of the Keramimic 2.0 on your palm and apply on the lower 70% of the hair.

Remember not to let it touch the scalp as such conditioner/hair mask product is not meant to be applied on the scalp as it might cause oily scalp, regardless of the brand. Unless it is specifically meant for the scalp.

While applying, rub the hair lightly and slowly on all parts applied (lower 70% length) to ensure the product can seep deeper into the hair cuticle, filling it completely, to achieve its maximum moisturizing effect. As a conditioner, leave it for 5 mins and rinse it off. If it is possible, rinse off with cold water for the maximum effect.

Apply, Rub, Wait for 5 minutes, Rinse off with cold water. 4 steps.

As a repair treatment (Keramimic 2.0 + Repair Ampoule)

As you will need to mix both products, I would recommend getting a bowl to contain it. Get at least 5 to 7 pumps (more for longer hair) of the Keramimic 2.0 into the bowl and thereafter, pour the ampoule into the bowl, all of it.

Mix it well to ensure there is an equal balance of both the Keramimic 2.0 and the repair ampoule. You should see a thick and cream full of keratin and collagen.

Now, as a repair treatment, start with the ends of the hair as usually, the ends are the most damaged. It would be the same process as above, apply and rub it lightly so the product can seep deeper into the hair cuticle, maximizing its effect.

Applying it on the ends first would also mean that the ends are getting repaired for a slightly longer time. After the application on the hair ends, slowly work your way up and apply just only on the lower 70% length.

When you’re done, wait for at least 15 mins (20 if the hair is very damaged). If it is not that damaged and you want to wait for 20 mins, that is fine too. After that, rinse it off with cold water (or normal temperature, not hot/warm water). If you want this to work 100% well, cold water would be preferred.

As it is only applied on the lower 70% length, it is easier to rinse off with cold water as the cold will not be touching the top of the hair or the scalp.

And we’re done! This free ampoule and free doorstep delivery come solely from my own expenses because I want people to be able to use real, good, and useful products. If you too, think the repair ampoule is useful and would like to purchase more of it, drop me a message, let me know. If there are a handful of you, I will get more of it and put it up on the online store.

Why should you buy the Keramimic 2.0?

I have spent a lot of time asking our customers what it is that they would like from a home product. After matching the requirements and wishes, let me list it down in point form for easy reading, and as a conclusion -

1. Usefulness: this product has 2 key ingredients for smoother and softer hair, Keratin + Collagen. You will be able to feel that the hair texture is a lot better after the first use.

2. Longer period of usage: 500ml bottle that allows you to use it for a longer period of time. In comparison to renowned brands that might only have 150ml or 200ml with a higher price point. I would say this is worth the money for its size and ingredients alone.

3. Cost-saving: Free doorstep delivery and free salon-grade high-quality repair ampoule from a giant Italian brand - Alfaparf Milano. Just this bonus alone easily costs up to $15. In addition, you can use this as a conditioner or as a hair mask, one product instead of two.

4. Very grateful to you: By purchasing, it helps me on my journey to do real education and having the means to sell real and genuine products. My years of experience allow me to know what works better and I want to help more people by selling real products that work. It seems to me that a lot of people don’t know what they can do with damaged hair. I want to change this.

And… We have reached the end of this article! Yay! If you managed to read until here, thank you so much! If you need any genuine hair advice, just drop me a message, Facebook, Instagram, anywhere that you prefer. I’m always here to help you! :)

Lastly, this is the link to the Keramimic 2.0 product page. Just press anywhere here.

Or here:

The free ampoule will be included in the parcel. You don’t have to select anything.

Hair Magazine Singapore’s main focus is on real hair education and the introduction of nice hair works around the world. We will be producing helpful hair articles so that you know what is good for your hair and hopefully, to help more people with hair issues. My goal for this page is to be Genuine. To help people genuinely. To teach genuine knowledge. And to sell genuine products.

Thank you so much for reading! To thank you further, here's a photo of a happy baby smiling at you. Have a wonderful day! <3