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How To Get Super Soft & Silky Hair

Hello people! I have friends who naturally have very soft and silky hair, like me, you must be cursing them out of jealousy, wait, no, I mean... genuinely happy for them from the bottom of my heart, and wondering how to achieve that. No cursing. Haha.

It must be the hair product! And so I went to buy the exact same shampoo and tried to use it every day for 2 weeks but it seems like nothing much is happening. The hair is still the same. Erm. Why? Aren’t we using the same product? It’s not supposed to be like this.

For the most part, this is actually tied to genetics. Some people are born with such nice hair, what good luck is this. Haha. What happens if you are not born with this? Life has to go on, right? There have to be solutions to this.

Well, before that, let me put on my nerd glasses and explain some hair science. I will try my best to keep it really simple.

We have this thing called a hair cuticle, which is the most outer layer that protects the inner layer of our hair, like a fish scale that acts like a roof, that covers the cortex. It also stores the moisture in it. The cuticle is made of a hard protein called keratin. This outer layer will decide how your hair will look, good or bad, depending on the health of the cuticle.

And with this layer of keratin that protects our hair, it can be damaged by various things, such as heat and chemicals. Heat can come from the temperature of your water (when you wash the hair), hairdryer, straightener, curler, or even your environment. For chemicals, your shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, coloring dye, bleaching product, or styling products.

Each time you expose heat and chemicals to your hair, it damages the layer of keratin and makes it one step away from being silky and soft. You might have an idea of how this works now. Next, you will be asking, is this why keratin treatment can produce the soft and silky effect?

Bingo! You’re right! By increasing the amount of keratin on our hair, we’re making it more silky and soft. This is the effect of such keratin treatment, to enhance the smoothing, that’s why it is called a smoothing treatment. There are other treatments that use keratin, which might use the word gloss to replace.

People who don’t have such good hair genetics, like me, or those who color their hair often without replenishing back the moisture and keratin that the hair had lost, like my neighbour Mary (I hope she doesn’t read this article haha), can do a keratin treatment to get the effect of the hair being soft and silky.

However, this is like cosmetics. The blusher that you apply to your face might be washed away. The same goes for the keratin from the keratin treatment too. The artificial keratin that was applied and locked in the hair, which does not belong to your hair, will be washed away slowly with every hair wash. That’s the downside of it.

Reading until here, you can probably guess my conclusion. If you are not born with it, it is unlikely for you to have such hair permanently. Unless you do smoothing treatment frequently, maybe 2 to 3 times a year, or use a good moisturizing product with keratin in it, so that the keratin in your hair cuticle gets replenished, with extra protection to allow it to keep more moisture, making it well-moisturized and healthy.

This is extremely important. Because you need to have a balance. Shampooing your hair does not provide moisture to the hair, it takes away moisture and damages the hair cuticle. I will write about this in the future. When you frequently replenish keratin and collagen back to the hair, it helps the hair to gain back the moisture and also to repair itself, and that leads to a healthy, soft, and silky hair that everyone is seeking.

I hope you like such a candid and honest style of the article! And please don’t tell Mary about this. Haha. Speaking of the good moisturizing product with keratin above to achieve soft and silky hair, if you’re interested to know how to do a salon treatment without paying for the high salon prices, by using a keratin + collagen hair mask, click here. With free hair repair ampoule and free doorstep delivery.

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Thank you so much for reading! Have a wonderful day! :D