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No. 1 Reason Why The Hair Is Dry

Hello people! As I have been in this industry for years and as the co-founder of Color Lush Studio, I have talked to hundreds and thousands of ladies and have seen my fair share of different hair structures and conditions. There is one thing that I found that is quite interesting. Usually, the reason around why the hair is dry is quite straightforward. It involves just one single thing.

Before that, let’s imagine the leaves on the trees. Close your eyes and visualize a tree. No, wait, you’ll not be able to read if you close it now, don’t close it first. Close it after this paragraph. Haha. As Singapore is very humid, day after day, the leaves are exposed to sunlight/heat and when it loses all its moisture, it turns yellow and drops to the ground.

You might step on a dry leaf before and it has this loud crunchy sound. It lost all the moisture and dropped to the ground looking rough and hard. The same goes for our hair too.

Have you guessed it? Yes, it’s heat. Not just the heat from the sunlight. There is also the heat from the hot water that you wash your hair with, heat from the straightener/curler and, the heat from your hairdryer.

I totally understand, it feels good and relaxing to have a hot bath, and sometimes we're too lazy to adjust the temperature and we’ll just wash the hair with the same hot temperature. And some people rely on a hairdryer daily to blowdry their hair to become straighter with heat, it is a necessary step for them.

In my previous article, I mentioned that our hair cuticle is made up of scales of keratin. And within the many many scales, there is moisture deposited in it so that the hair remains shiny and smooth.

One good example. Take a look at your hand, at the back of your palm, if the skin looks smooth and supple, this is because of the moisture in it and it shows how important moisture is to our skin and hair.

So what will happen if you use the hairdryer to blow hot heat on your hair every day?

For simple illustration purposes, if the hair loses 1% moisture every time you use hot heat to dry the hair, there wouldn’t be too much of an effect if you just do it once a week. But it adds up when you do it every day. In a month, the hair will lose 30% of the moisture in the hair. And this is why salon treatments are always not working well, mainly because of our habits with heat.

If you’re always going to a salon every month or every few months to do a treatment, take a minute to think about your hair habits. Are you exposing the hair to too much heat?

The same goes for using heat for the hair straightener/curler. This is slightly more serious as the temperature from the straightener/curler can go all the way up to 200 degrees. Remember what we’re taught from science? 100 degrees boils the water and part of it evaporates and goes into the air. At 200 degrees, this is not going to be pretty for the hair.

Advice: If you really need to use a straightener/curler, apply some argan oil or a hair heat protectant before that, this will help to protect the hair from the heat. Not 100% protected but you’re better off with some protection than none, right? Haha.

And as Singapore is naturally humid, this is the reason why it is even more important to have a good hair care routine, mainly to replenish the moisture back to the hair. When you lose 1% moisture, you can replenish it back immediately. A shampoo is not good enough as this mainly washes the hair from the dirt and oil from the hair. A good conditioner or hair mask is needed in order to have a good hair care routine. We have reach the end of this article, may all of us have good hair conditions and beautiful hair!

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