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Top 3 Food You 100% Need To Eat To Reduce Hairfall

Hello people! As you age, you might realize that there are a couple of changes to the face, the body, and also your hair. While this is an inevitable process, we can prevent it from coming to us sooner than expected.

You probably have some friends who might look a tad bit older than others of the same age. Conversely, you might also have friends that just seem to look young at any age. What is your first thought?

DNA, right? I can’t deny this as there are people with good DNA but it doesn’t mean you should resign to fate in order to look good. You can still do something to it, to a huge extent.

Let’s give it a thought, if the car requires 1 litre of petrol to go 60km, by giving 0.5 litre, will it work the same and go the same 60km? If your skin requires 8 glasses of water to work well and stay moisturized, by drinking 4 cups a day, will it work the same and look the same as people who drink 8 glasses a day?

It wouldn’t, right? The same goes for our hair too. The hair requires nutrients to grow well. If you’re eating junk/fried food for most of your meals, or at least half of your meals, what do you think will happen to the hair? Will it get enough nutrients that it requires to grow well?

I’m sure you have the answers in your mind now. Without sounding overly naggy, haha, let me go straight to the point and share with you 5 food that you 100% need to eat to reduce hair fall.


Among the 5, this is by far my number 1 food to go to when I have hair issues. It is inexpensive, easy to make and you can get it easily at any supermarket, unlike the past where you need to grow your own chicken to get the eggs. Life is good now! Haha.

I love eggs because although it is small in portion, it is packed with nutrients, in large amounts. Loaded with essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, omega-6, and most importantly, vitamin B7, which is also known as biotin.

When I’m sharing about this to my clients, the first reaction they had was, isn’t it high in cholesterol? Hmm, yes and no, depending on which cholesterol you’re talking about.

Without going too in-depth, actually, science has proven that eggs raise HDL (high-density lipoproteins - the good cholesterol) and for 70% of the people, there is no increase in total or LDL (low-density lipoproteins - the bad cholesterol). For LDL, it goes to the liver and the liver will remove it from your body.

Overall, regardless of whether the thing is good or bad, the general rule of thumb is to eat in moderation. Maybe one or two eggs a day? And one bonus! If you love eggs too, you can be my friend! Hahaha. :)


This is number 2 on my list - Almond. Again, this is something that you can get easily from the supermarket. I’m making it easy by introducing a list of things that you can purchase easily. You have to do the rest of it, by eating consistently, not too difficult to do yup? Haha.

Almonds are high in antioxidants and it contains protein, vitamin E, vitamin B2 and most importantly, it is rich in magnesium. Magnesium promotes hair growth, making the hair strands stronger, thus reducing hair fall.

Personally, I like it more because it has other health benefits too, such as it lowers your cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels. The antioxidants in it make you look younger and healthier. What’s there not to be like about this? You can even bring a small pack and eat anywhere. Such convenience. I love it, honestly.


Haha. Yes, it’s oats. I bet it’s not surprising to see this on the top 3 list as this food has been magically linked to being healthy. And it really is. Super healthy! Similar to the above, you can find a whole shelf of oats over at NTUC or Giant.

Oats contain a high concentration of essential nutrients such as iron, protein, vitamin b6, omega-6, and zinc. Omega-6 is known to stimulate hair growth. A major part of stopping hair loss is to have continuous hair growth. This is important. If you’re losing 200 strands a day and only 50 strands grow back, this is not a healthy balance.

Besides bringing back a good balance for hair, why it is super healthy is because it helps to reduce blood pressure, reduce LDL (bad cholesterol), reduce blood sugar and it also helps to improve skin condition.

The downside is, to be honest, maybe it might not be that delicious to eat. For me, I usually eat this with almond milk and a couple of berries. Not the best food I ever tasted but at least, with the almond milk and berries, it’s a little sweet, it’s decent, and overall, it’s above average. For a healthy body and hair, nothing comes easy, right? It’s worth a little sacrifice.

And... these are my top 3 food to reduce hair fall, carefully considered so that people who read this article can purchase it easily over at NTUC without much hassle. I hope you like such a candid and honest style of the article! Also, if you’re interested to know how to do a salon treatment without paying for the high salon prices, click here. With free hair repair ampoule and free doorstep delivery.

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